Digital Arms Room

Heads Up Display

  • Expired ETS and DEROS/PCS
  • Overdue maintenance items
  • Ammo storage expiration
  • Maximum rounds fired notification (80-100 percent)
  • Readiness rating alerts for non-mission capable systems
  • Required reports and inspections

Master Authorization List (MAL)

  • Core elements of data base, visual status icons, real time decision making tool
  • Visual indication of what is: assigned, un-assigned, checked out, non-mission capable, and round count status
  • Facilitates drag and drop changes
  • Prevents double assignments
  • Prevents the assignment of non-mission capable equipment
  • Bundles equipment (connects machine gun, spare barrels, spare bags, scopes and aiming device as a set)

Property Book

  • Inventory and Reconcile Property and Sensitive Items
  • Inventories against property books
  • Accurate property book of all arms room equipment down to assigned level by team, squad, platoon and company
  • Prints property books for leaders at each level showing what they their unit is responsible for
  • Includes quantity authorized, on hand, LIN, SUB LIN, NSN, Nomenclature, Type to include POW’s

Personnel Page

  • Fills authorized personnel database with CAC cards to include signature
  • Allows drag and drop assignment of personnel to teams, squads, sections and platoons
  • Identifies do not issue personnel (court-marshal, suicide watch etc.) from drawing equipment
  • Allows assignment of attached personnel
  • Prints personnel reports by team through company level

Issue & Turn In

  • CAC Card issue with PIN Verification
  • Prevents issue of non-mission capable equipment
  • Prevents issue of equipment to the wrong individual
  • Prevents issue to Lautenberg Act personnel
  • Generates instantaneous 2062/Weapons Sign Out Log
  • Eliminates armorer transcription errors
  • Speeds the issue & turn-in
  • Provides historical equipment data
  • Tracks Rounds fired/Rounds remaining

Checked Out Items Page

  • Real time checked out items tracking
  • Shows who equipment is assigned to, who actually checked it out and for what reason equipment was checked out
  • Query by reason, unit (team- company), by person and by type of weapon
  • Constantly updates equipment counts for all items on property book


  • Automates scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Maintains a real-time DA form 2404/5988 for the user
  • Tracks round counts and populates DA from 2408 for all round counts and maintenance tasks
  • Maintains maintenance history records for all equipment
  • Notifies armorer when gauging and calibration is due
  • Notifies armorer when organizational and user maintenance is due


  • Automated daily, monthly, property book and command directed inventory
  • Provides for 100 percent accuracy of all arms room equipment
  • Conduct inventories from multiple locations
  • Verifies inspectors minimum rank and ensures non-consecutive monthly inspector
  • Inventory by type, status, location and more
  • Instant comparison to master data base
  • Conduct cyclic, 20 percent and other types of inventory

Reports and Queries

  • Facilitates chain of command reporting
  • Non-mission capable reports for all equipment.
  • Report provides dead lined items, where they are, how long they have been in maintenance, when they are due, and reason
  • Query weapons systems readiness reports for all equipment
  • Instantly prints weapons cards through drag and drop function

Commanders Reports Sampler: This is a very small sample of some included reports

Report Name


Company Equipment Quick Count

Snap Shot of all unit equipment, what should and should not be in the arms room

Company Personnel Report

Lists all authorized users, 90 day ETS, PCS notification, and do not issue personnel

Condensed MAL

Shows required commanders information to comply with AR


Arms Room Property Book Listing

Shows all equipment similar to GCSS-Army with additional info such a rack/butt number and actual number currently in arms room

Monthly Serial Number Inventory

Lists all equipment on property book, items scanned, items

checked out, reason out and whom currently has the equipment

Ammunition Storage Report

Lists all ammo being temporarily stored, with info on who turned ammo in and out of arms room

Physical Security Inspection Report

Displays physical security inspection results

Issued and returned Items Reports

Displays all information by unit, sub unit or individual on all

equipment checked in and out of the arms room in real time

Deadline Deficiency Report

Lists all deadline items and the deadline deficiencies for each


Deadline Downtime Report

Lists all deadline items and provides information on how long items are dead lined and shows all ordered parts to include due in info

Maintenance Readiness Report

Provides readiness ratings for all equipment types

Scheduled Maintenance Report

Allows armorer to query scheduled maintenance

Unqualified and untrained reports

Provides information on all unqualified individuals and crews

Training Statistics

  • Track qualification, hits, qualification levels, next qualification date, by individual and crew served equipment
  • Provides qualification reports by team through company
  • Assists leaders with proper personnel assignment
  • Query upcoming qualification requirements

Ammo Storage

  • Provides inventory ability for temporary storage of ammo
  • Produces appropriate paperwork for the transaction
    Automatic notification of past due storage dates

Key and Lock Control

  • Reminder of inspection dates
  • Reminder of key and lock rotation dates
  • Provides digital key control register

Forms and Publications Library

  • Supplies local drive and web based static and fill-in forms that apply to the arms room
  • Contains all Regulations, Technical Manual and Field Manuals that apply to the arms room

GCSS-Army Interface

  • Fill the SmarTrack database using the GCSS-Army excel export feature
  • Conduct reconciliation of the monthly inventory between GCSS-Army and SmarTrack
  • Provides discrepancy reports between the two Systems

Self Inspection

  • Prepares unit arms rooms for internal and external inspections
  • Inspection forms can be tailored to specific unit

Kit Design

  • Design kits
  • Assign kits
  • Allows units to design kit for individual and crew served weapons, optics and lasers
  • Allows units to design kits for mission specific purposes
  • Design BII tracking kits
  • Allows you to track non GCSS-Army and non-serialized valuable equipment

Bulk Items

  • Track bulk items included or not included on property book
  • Inventory and track bulk issue items separately from property book items
  • Improve accountability of the little things that degrade the mission when missing