A word from Uzoma

Black Knights knows that SMEs are the backbone of Nigeria’s economy; yet they lack access to key business tools that subsequently hampers their ability to scale and make a bigger impact on the Nigerian economy. The knock-on effect of this is a sluggish economy that cannot reach its potential.

There is no economic prosperity without social development. Business, enterprise and wealth creation for the many, and not for the few, will transform the Nigerian economy, beyond any aid packages. Charity won’t save Nigeria; commerce and entrepreneurship will. We believe in profit with purpose, and that there is profit in doing good. Black Knights is taking a long-term approach to investing in Nigerian enterprises.

By delivering a social and economic platform that connects SMEs with the apparatus they actually need to grow – access to funding, access to market, access to business advice and mentorship – we can build businesses from the ground up, bringing more people into the formal economy, driving down unemployment and underemployment rates, whilst delivering a diversified revenue stream for Nigeria’s GDP.

Black Knights goes beyond access to capital; we are unique in that we are building strong, long-lasting connections between entrepreneurs, investors and business community partners. We don’t believe in cash without community. The challenges businesses have in Nigeria go beyond a single cheque; they require nuanced, experienced advice from sector leaders and company builders. This is why we are aggregating an international network of investors, who go beyond the traditional paradigm of business angels; they commit investment, mentoring, access to their networks and see Black Knights as the very best opportunity to pay it forward, whilst investing in exciting emerging markets.

Who We Are


To drive economic growth and prosperity via a platform and community for small businesses.


A catalyst and partner for small businesses, opening up access to new markets, networks and information, with a deliberate focus on diversity.